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Born in Melbourne, Lynton Crabb’s childhood was mostly spent abroad in India and Papua New Guinea. With an inherently sensitive approach, Crabb's personal projects often involve an interest in social issues and he regularly returns to Papua New Guinea and Asia to create new work.

Using his story telling style, Crabb's landscapes and portraiture blend a structured approach with an ability to capture a real point in time. These seemingly random moments framed in a graphic environment are regularly apparent in his work, making it increasingly sought after and collected. Crabb has exhibited in Australia and Korea for organisations that include The Reach Foundation, Alzheimer’s Australia and the Burnet Institute.

Tavurvur Volcano

Located on the island of New Britain, Tavurvur is one of the most active and most dangerous volcanoes in Papua New Guinea. When the volcano violently erupted in 1994, ash was sent thousands of metres into the air and almost completely wiped out the nearby town of Rabaul. Since then, Tavurvur has displayed persistent activity and ash eruptions.

Lynton first visited Tavurvur for a school geography excursion in 1982, eight years before the devastating eruption. In 2015 he returned to make this series of images. This is how Tavurvur appears now. Visible are the foundations of all but destroyed buildings, buried in a carpet of volcanic rock with occasional signs of new life sprouting through. Villagers who own the land can be seen hanging out amongst the dystopia, adding to the already surreal landscape.